IOS 13.3 has lags that make it possible to bypass parental settings

IOS 13.3 has lags that make it possible to bypass parental settings

Recently the Apple company has developed IOS 13.3, which has a new function – Communication Limits. This update was created especially for the parents so that they would be able to control who and how much their children are communicating. But this was just in theory. Because of the lags found in the new IOS version, children are able to bypass the rules with ease and talk to or message people with whom they are not allowed to speak. This revelation was made by CNBC.

Apple replied that they are doing everything to fix this problem. But this situation doesn’t look very nice, especially when it comes to the safety and security of kids, does it? This is how the lag works: children aren’t allowed to communicate with strangers and for this reason, when some unknown person was texting the child, a screen popped out that denied the possibility to text back, but if the child add that person to his contact list, he will be able to talk to him/her right away.

The phone company hasn’t told me exactly when the problem will be fixed, but we hope that it will be soon. Kid’s safety is the top priority and everyone knows that.

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