Modern innovation – the Yap chatroom application

Modern innovation – the Yap chatroom application

A digital studio Postlight are the creators of the Yap. It is very simple and user-friendly software. It is a chatroom that can fit in only 6 people. The reason why it is becoming so popular is that every text that a person sends deletes the previously sent one. So, this means that people have to speak only one at a time, as well as read carefully and not interrupt the people texting at the moment, otherwise they may miss something interesting. After the other person speaks, the previous message just disappears as there is no history.

The features that this software has are very rare, as almost every chat program has a history in which the participants of the chat can read and catch up with everything. This program is like real-time when you say something and you can’t take a moment to rewind time and see what you said 10 minutes ago.

Besides, the company decided that they are not going to make money on it. The is no business plan, and as the CEO of Postlight stated, this software is just for fun. Think of that! Nowadays, this is rare, as people tend to think only about money and always forget that people are only people who need not only money but also fun.

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